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Reach to the Unknown

Reach to the Unknown



Corpse Bride Emily

Corpse Bride



Laughing at her jokes
They always seemed so stoked
To see her at eleven;
seeing them always relieved her oppression.
Until a dark, wintry night
They had gotten into a fight
It seemed as if they were all against her,
There was no escape, nor a cure.
She felt so afar and out of touch
Why did it hurt so much
Her world felt like it was falling apart,
Because they had hit a weak spot.
She tried to remain calm
Trying to not set off a mental bomb.
hoping things would be okay,
All she could do was pray


Saying Goodbye

The shot fired so hard

She didn’t know what hit her.

Gone in an instant,

What she thought would be here forever. 

How will life go on now?

All the responsibility upon her,

Waves crashing

Like a storm upon her shore.

What will replace her?

How do you rise back up

After falling so low?

How do you get back to the top

Once you’ve hit the ground below?

All the years thought to be left

Now just a dream inside our heads.

And the memories of the past,

How quickly will they fade?

Will they shine like the sun or fade with the rain?

What happens to us now?

How do we move on?

This isn’t something that I can do alone.

So much to do.

So much on my mind.

Who decided I was strong enough to put all this on shoulders of mine?

The change will affect us may we see how we grow.

Will we sing in the sunshine or fall in the snow?

Scared of the future and what it will bring,

But we shall all choose to continue to sing.

Getting back up will be unbearably hard,

And only time shall heal these wounds of the heart. 

 For you are better off now,

That we all know.

We can’t hold you back,

When you were born to grow.

Please don’t forget what we had in the past.

All the memories we’ve made, I hope they shall last.

And though it be hard to say goodbye,

May we be thankful we had you all these years by our side.

Thankful to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,

It proves we loved in life and had something worthwhile.

So go on your way.

Begin a new day.

It would be selfish to hold you back now.

Therefore we are prepared to let you go,

For that is what you do when you love someone so.



Changes in an instant
Make us feel distant
Why won’t we just listen
To you.
If we slow down our life
Forget all our strife
Let your word cut like a knife
It’ll do
Your love covers our sin
We feel it deep within
Our heavenly Father and friend
Will renew


I remember the smell and taste of those petrichor mornings
The giddy laughter running through the air like a toddler on a train
The bad news nothing more than a bad cup of tea burning briefly down your throat
I remember those rocket ship popsicles soaring across our favorite starry…three…

And the only explosions of anger or fear were quickly snuffed out with the gaze of those glowing flies that carried galaxies on their backs
We longed to steal the secrets of the universe from them but instead found them in our own worlds
I remember your face, turning as red as the fiery terror in your eyes, when we learned some of those truths about the world we never dreamed were possible
No more laughter, no more popsicles, no more lighting bugs buzzing in our ears
All because you decided that growing up meant leaving it behind.


Fairy Tale Land

I believe in fairy tales
I believe in magic
I believe in storybook endings
I believe in happily ever after

I believe in true love’s kiss
I believe in love at first sight
I may or may not be your damsel in distress
But regardless you are my shining knight

I believe there is good in all things
I believe there is much more to life than just what we see
I believe there is no force as strong as the force of love
I believe that sometimes you have to escape from reality and just make believe

I believe in expressing your feelings through song
I believe in wishing on shooting stars long gone
I believe in dreaming and never losing hope
I believe in fairy godmothers and kissing toads

I believe in losing glass slippers
And having many animal friends
I believe there is beauty in everyone
No matter what a magic mirror says

I believe in once upon a time
I believe in meant to be
I believe in princesses and princes
And human life under the sea

I believe in looking at things
Through a child’s eyes
With laughing and singing
And only joyful cries

I believe that true love
Never has an end
For life is better not as it is
But rather in a fairy tale land


The Strangest Melody

“The Strangest Melody”

I’m angry
The world is mush
I’m sad
And my friends don’t see me
I’m frustrated at everyone and everything
I don’t notice the birds anymore;
their gorgeous melodies rolling in the wind
I don’t see the stop lights when they turn red anymore
The colors blur together until the tears finally roll down our faces
I’m not myself anymore
But do I want to be?
Who am I to say the change is permanent?
Could it be that we are just a mixture of the world around us?
Maybe we are just a meadow of wildflowers, an abstract canvas, a multi-colored iris
But sometimes this soup of a world is too much.
I sometimes feel that I am the lonesome weed
Or paint waste cup
And that life melts away from my eyes each and every day like sand from a time glass
I am like a rock on a shore line: constantly battered with the woes of the world, somehow still standing
I may sink into the sand with time but the water will cleanse away my troubles as it has for those before me;
I just have to find the will to fight on
I am strong.
I am strong.
Stronger than you may think.
I may be weak, battered, shattered sometimes but I am still going.
I am still going.
The mindless chatter will not shake me, break me, or tear me apart.
Forward is my goal
I’ve been given the bike now I must pedal.
The only way to go now is up, forward, towards the good
Slow the pace win the race
You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain
Or a smile without understanding the pain
The pain will go, the rain will cease—all in good time
And that’s what time is: good
It might seem long but trust us, time flies
Perceptions of time change with the weather, and I have found it is much like a rain storm in my eyes
It can be fast as lightning, stressful and long as a torrential downpour, or soft and flowing like the rolling thunder
But there is a reason the thunder is scarier than the lightning
But you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself
Because no one will hold your hand, but maybe that’s a good thing
You can have help but baby you have to go most of the way by yourself
Some steps are taken alone but they are the most worthwhile, I promise.


Tiger MM



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